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As a single lady you must feel bored living alone not because you crave human contact, but because you’d rather have a pet instead. Yes staying on your own gives you the privacy and benefits you need, but wouldn’t you prefer an addition to your haven. Dogs are generally great companions, they make you smile when you’re sad and can sense your moods. They’re basically devoted to staying in your good graces and offer succor in return.

Aside from their company, having a dog is also a  symbol of security as it prevents home invasions and protects its territory, which in this case is your home. Also dogs tend to boost their owners’ immunity against diseases and are excellent workout buddies. You can take your dog cycling, running, or even a walk and they won’t hesitate to follow you. These are the few reasons why you should get a dog.


The breeds to get

Now we’ve got you thinking about owning a dog, it’s only right we solidify this thought by showing you the best breeds of dogs that suit single women perfectly.


English bulldog

The English bulldog is a relatively docile pet. We don’t want to use the word lazy but you’ll have to admit they love laying in the couch all day long. You need a dog you could just chill with, watch a movie with while snacking and the English bulldog offers just that. However, this breed can put on the cloak of aggression of need be but are generally friendly, hence you can walk to park with your dog and not have to worry about him biting someone’s finger off.


German shepherd

This is a popular breed among single ladies. They are widely alert and offer protection to its owners. They’re not overly hostile except the need arises and love running. You can expect to hear barks every now and then. These dogs although they’re often found in the forces, are still very awesome house pets. You can teach them cool parlor tricks and wow your guests once they come visiting.


Golden retriever

This is one of the most adorable breed of dogs. They are smart, homely and are usually owned by families and single women. These dogs provide excellent company, are compassionate and aren’t hostile except when rattled. They are known to love their owners and provide companionship. They are furry, fuzzy and love cuddling. playing with Frisbee’s is their favorite so you may need to get one.


Dogs provide excellent company to their owners. They are smart, cute, cuddly and easily house trained. Aside from providing company, they also provide security against home invaders or robbers and as a single woman, you’ll need a breed that possesses features that are in your best interest.


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