WAIT… Before You Go To Japan With Your Dog, READ THIS!

The government of Japan is planning to establish certification system for foreign assistance dogs.

– Japan has their own assistance dogs, and this service is not new to them.
– However, it may be a difference story for tourists.
– The government plans to create guidelines on certification for foreign assistance dogs.

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The national government of Japan has seen the problem that concerns assistance dogs brought by foreigners into their country. Most of the time, these assistance dogs are limited in terms of their allowed territory, making their owners hesitate in visiting the country.

Japan is currently formulating a new policy that states the requirement of these assistance dogs for a certification. This way, once all assistance dogs that enter the country, will automatically have privilege to access all parts of the country.

This motion is mainly in preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games 2020, which is set to take place in Japan.

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Read the full article here – https://mainichi.jp.

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