😧 Dog Beaten With BASEBALL BAT: Health Status???

If you think you’ve seen all the cruel acts in this world, you probably haven’t seen this one YET.

– A man in Middletown is being charged with beating a dog using a baseball bat.
– The Butler County police officer now has custody of the accused man.
– The victim, a helpless dog, was found in critical condition during the day the abuse took place.

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It was one of the most horrifying rescues for Butler County sheriff’s office when they received a call of distress because of an alleged beating in Middletown area.

Upon entering the vicinity, the police saw a poor dog beaten so badly by Clayton Sisco, the 18-year-old owner of Duece, the pit bull.

During the interview, Sisco admitted to being guilty with beating the dog Duece, for reasons that he felt annoyed when the dog defecated inside its cage.

The abuser was immediately apprehended and is now being charged with offenses against animal rights.

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Read the full article to find out the current health status of the pit bull dog – https://www.daytondailynews.com.

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