Bald And Pink Bulldog Finds A Caring Forever Home

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It feels so sad when we come across videos about dog abuse. If you look at this bulldog, you can see that she has wounds all over her body. There’s almost no fur and her skin looks pink due to the infection she has got from the wounds. Apparently, someone treated her really bad but fortunately, her days of suffering are now over.

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When the medium size bulldog named Molly arrives at her foster home with health problems such as being all pink! her external appearance does not stop her human mom from shower her with love. Molly gets all the love in the world from her human mom and Dad which are now the new bulldog owners of Molly . The little dog just buries her face in her mom’s lap and loves to snuggle.

Despite her rough physical features, Molly is the sweetest and most gentle soul from within. This is evident from the way she treats other dogs in the family. When her mom takes Molly with her to work, she is calm and gentle with the patients.

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Although the doctors had said there were slim chances of Molly healing completely, love changes everything. By the end of the video, you can see a completely transformed dog. You see a happy bulldog who is no longer pink!

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