A Baby Was Attacked By Yorkie The Puppy (A surprising video)

The video below got stunning 14,054,369 views!! Can a baby boy and a puppy play together?

What happens if the play becomes hurtful for your baby? Will you still laugh? Will you jump to stop your puppy?

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Will you get angry to your puppy? In a situation like this, different people will have different reactions.

There’s only one way to know, and that is to watch the video of Yorkie and the baby boy.

Watch the video below and you’ll be surprised. It was a fine day and the weather is good. The baby sat on the lawn when Yorkie, the puppy came and attacked him.

At first they were just playing. You can even see the baby was enjoying. However, later on, Yorkie seemed to make it real. He licked the baby’s ears. The baby lay down because Yorkie jumped on him.

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