😮 How Did This Award-Winning Dog Die???

It such a sad event to see dogs die, especially talented and smart dogs like this award-winning canine.

– An award-winning police dog recently died and in the saddest way possible.
– The dog’s breed was a Port Elizabeth, and it has served the police for quite some time.
– What could be the cause of death of this talented and smart canine?

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A Port Elizabeth police dog named Bruno was euthanized on a Friday. It was diagnosed with cancer and has been battling the disease for a long time, causing it pain and discomfort all throughout its fight against the big C.

Before Bruno was diagnosed with cancer, it has been serving the police force for years and has even garnered several awards due to its unwavering skills in fighting against crime.

Unknowingly, the biggest fight Bruno had was yet to come, and it was against CANCER.

After much thought and considering the pain that he is going through, Bruno’s caretakers finally decided to ease his pain by opting for mercy killing, or euthanasia.

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