FIFTY Years Of Attending Dog Trials: This Couple Is AMAZING!

A husband and wife have been attending and following dog trials for FIFTY years!

– Mr. and Mrs. Binnie has been going all around the world, to attend dog trials.
– The couple admits that Mrs. Binnie has never tried running a dog her entire life.
– They have been doing this and going all around the world for almost fifty years now!

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Although Mrs. Binnie has never tried walking a dog her entire life, she enjoys going with Mr. Binnie and accompanying him in all the dog trials that he joins. She said that it’s the people and their expressions that entertain her during these dog trials.

Just recently, another dog trial was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Binnie, as they join the Southern Indoor Charity Dog Trial at Waimumu. Mr. Peter Binnie and his dog Kate was able to take home the sixth place in the opening.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Binnie would go and travel the oceans and mountains to attend an upcoming dog trial.

This is indeed one remarkable partnership!

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