Awesomeness of Dogs Captured in Slow Motion (VIDEO)


The video has over 1,994,866 ( 1.9M) video views!!

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Justin writes in the video comments:
I come back to this video for like a year, it’s so awesome, as are the tunes.

Don’t you find your dog amazing? If you really are a dog lover, every move of your dog is pretty much an “awwwww” moment.

From the time they were puppies until they’ve become full grown, aren’t dogs just full of awesomeness?

Even the really big breeds down to the itty bitty ones, they’re just so CUTE aren’t they? Imagine of all this cuteness is captured in slow motion?

Devin Graham captures dogs in all their glory in this unforgettable video of dogs in slow motion.

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These adorable dogs are captured on camera chasing after a ball and jumping into the pool to catch it.

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