Truffle Dogs Rewarded For Using Their Nose (Video)

Have you tasted truffles before? More and more people love to eat this fleshy fungus. In fact, it is considered a delicacy.

However, how do you find them in the orchard? They ripen after many years on tree roots underground which is why many dogs trained to sniff truffles are in demand. Do you think dogs love this job?

Most probably, you have seen military dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, or war dogs. But have you heard about the truffle-sniffing dogs? Many dogs are trained to determine if there are ripen truffles in the orchard. It is fun for them. They are rewarded for using their nose. They feel that they are valued because of one skill they have and that is to sniff.

“I hope my dogs will finally be able to earn their keep,” Sinskey said. “It will be nice to see them actually work.”

Lolo is an Italian breed commonly used to hunt truffles, but McGee said any dog can be trained. “It’s about working with the dogs’ personalities and different learning styles.”

In Europe, truffle hunters traditionally used pigs, but in recent years the job has gone to the dogs, which are easier to manage, less conspicuous and less likely to eat the tasty tubers or bite a hand trying to snatch one from its mouth.

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