Happy Tears Of Joy Because Of Sweet Puppy? (Video)

The cute Puppy video has already over 3,897,148 ( 3.8 Mio ) views!!

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Why do you think kids and puppies share a different bond together? There is something about puppies, which make the kids want them at home.

Well, many studies prove that dogs are stress reliever and great companion for kids.

Aside from this, kids learn how to love animals by being responsible to them. This is a great way to train children.

Watch the video below of a girl named Emma. According to her parents, she wanted to have a dog when she was still 3 years old.

She has been asking for it several years ago. This time, the parents grant her request. You will also love the letter from her mom and dad.

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You can really see from her reaction that she was very happy and thankful.

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