Are Border Collies A Good Family Dog?

A border collie is a beautiful dog with rich coloring, usually some combination of black and white or black and tan. They are medium-sized with smooth, medium or rough coats. They are generally an exuberant dog full of energy and life. They make great pets, but like any breed, are not for everyone. When choosing a dog for your family, there are many things to consider. For instance, is the breed good with children? how much space does it require; and how will he do in a home where both mates you work outside the home? Does this breed suffer from separation anxiety?

Border Collies Grooming Issues: There is also the matter of grooming. A border collie is generally a medium to the long-haired dog. It has a thick undercoat and needs daily brushing to keep it from matting. Do you have the time for maintaining such a coat?

Border Collies and Children: Border collies are loving and loyal, but some have do not do well with younger children. If, however, you have older kids in the family, say from ten years old and up, they are a great match. They can look forward to hours of Frisbee fun and companionship. This breed sometimes becomes possessive of their “kids,” and may display some aggression toward other dogs as well.

Border Collies Herding Instinct: Remember too that a border collie is a herding dog. Herding is in its nature. This means that he’ll stick close to you; sometimes too close. If you take a step, he’ll take a step to block you. It’s instinctive and hilarious! He’ll herd you; he’ll her your kids; he’ll herd any guests you have over. If he can find nothing else, he’ll herd a gaggle of geese, a bicycle — and definitely every dog in the dog park!

This breed is one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. This can work for you or against you, depending on how committed you are to training your dog. His intelligence and active nature mean he can get easily bored. His boredom can lead to anxiety and destructive behavior. He needs lots of attention and activity, especially as a young pup! A border collie is an excellent choice for a family with older children to help keep him entertained. If you think you can handle the above demands of border collie ownership, you can look forward to a wonderful, if busy, life together.


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