India’s List Of “Approved Pet”: What’s In? What’s Out? 🐱🐶 🐕

India's List Of "Approved Pet": What's In? What's Out?

You might be surprised when you see the list of India’s so-called “Approved Pets”. Some famous breeds are out of the list.

– Hold on to your family pets, especially if you’re from India because they might not be on the list.
– Families are now being told to surrender pets that are not on the list.
– Many Bengaluru residents are protesting the decision behind the creation of the list.

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Imagine if all that you have as a family are your pet dogs. Dogs that you’ve raised their entire life and dogs that you know are well-behaved and completely harmless. Then all of a sudden, you are asked to surrender them to a shelter simply because of a new list of “Approved Pets”.

In India, the pet owners are currently fighting for their rights to keep their family pets with them, amidst being not included in the list. Just recently, India also imposed a limit on the number of pets allowed per household.

Now, THIS!

I think pet lovers there are really being stressed by all these changes.

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