This Anxious Pit Bull Needs a Home – Will You Take Him?

King is one of the abandoned dogs in Brooklyn. He is broken because of lack of attention and love. Even if he is adopted already, his anxiety affects him most which is why his owner returned him back to the shelter. He is quiet and frantic. He seems like he is searching for something. If you like, you can adopt him.

I write about dogs all day long, abandoned dogs who all need homes and love, and they will find that — but my friend King needs a little extra help. So please, spread the word and spread the love. King deserves the chance to grow and change in a place where he feels comfortable. My family and friends helped me to find that, and now I want to help King.

After all, we anxious ones have to stick together.

If you are interested to learn more about King’s story, read the whole article at:

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