❓ Are Canines Capable Of Working In An Anti-Arson Team???

❓ Are Canines Capable Of Working In An Anti-Arson Team???

New York City Fire Department just acquired four new dogs as part of the anti-arson team.

– Four new dogs just joined the sniffing team to fight arson in New York City.
– The dogs are trained to help investigate possible arson crimes in the metropolis.
– The new sniff dogs are Labrador Retrievers and a German Shorthaired Pointer.

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Three retriever mix, or labrador retriever breed dogs named Taz, Pete, and Halli, and a German Shorthaired Pointer named Chili, are the newest members of the anti-arson team of the New York City Fire Department.

The four dogs are to be trained to help ensure the public’s safety when it comes to arson-related crimes. With these four new furballs, the New York Fire Department is confident that their anti-arson team will be better equipped to prevent arson.

According to Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, all four dogs and their respective handlers have successfully finished the eight-week course on detecting accelerants which are usually used to set fires.

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