Animal Rights Advocates Ending Their Amendment Campaign

Ohio has passed the “Puppy Mill” Bill, and this means that all animal rights advocates are putting an end to the amendment campaign.

– A new bill has been passed in Ohio, it’s called the “Puppy Mill Bill”.
– The new bill will be taking full implementation a few weeks from the date it was approved.
– Animal rights advocates are no longer campaigning any amendments toward the said bill.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich has officially signed the “Puppy Mill Bill”, and amidst the fact that animal rights advocates want to have a constitutional amendment regarding the high volume of dog breeders, they are no longer able to pursue with their initial plan.

The main reason is the lack of monetary budget to sustain a campaign. Campaigns are expected to be expensive.

Ohio’s director of the Humane Society of the United States is Corey Roscoe states that the amendment is harder to change than a law, but she still claims that Ohio is currently in a puppy mill crisis and that it should be resolved soon.

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