Heartbreaking – She Couldnt Leave The Doggies Left Alone ….


Dogs give so much of love and warmth to us.


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They really need to be cared for but unfortunately, there are more homeless dogs than shelters can take.

Amanda Giese has been rescuing dogs and helping them find loving homes.

She operates Panda Paws rescue from her home and she is also the star of an Animal Planet Series. In her haven, you can see dogs of all types and sizes.

Some of them don’t have legs while there are others who can’t see. Despite their disabilities, Amanda is trying to bring a difference in their lives.


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She does all that she probably can to make their lives better.

In the video, she shares how her family members – daughter, son, and husband also take up roles in her rescue program.

Her daughter is always there to give that extra support and help; while her son takes care of the errands.


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Her husband is the photographer who takes lovely shots to be posted on social media to help the dogs get a home.


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