Alligator 🐊 EATS DOG! 🐶 Find Out What’s The Consequence!

Have you personally seen an alligator in your life? Can you imagine how big it is with its sharp teeth that may break your bones to the finest? Indeed, alligators are among the scariest and biggest animals.

On the other hand, have you also seen a dachshund? It is a small dog breed. If you compare an alligator and a dachshund, obviously an alligator is more powerful than this dog.

When an alligator eats a dachshund, it may not have the chance to live. It may be a perfect dinner for this huge alligator. What a poor dachshund. He may not even defend his self against this powerful alligator. But if you are an owner and this happens in front of you, it is so painful to just watch your dog die.

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It was Saturday at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge south of Tallahassee. An alligator crawled out of the pond and crossed the grassy area. It grabbed Mark Karris’ 11-year old dachshund.

Together with his fiancée, they tried to save their dog. But they did nothing as they were afraid too. Can you imagine how painful it is for Karris to see his dog die and eaten by an alligator? It can be so hard. Share this on Facebook!

Karris said, “The whole thing, start to finish, didn’t last five seconds and the dog wasn’t on the ground for more than a minute,” according to the report.

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