Our favorite four legged furry friends won’t be all happy and cheery if they aren’t fed now would they. Dog food is an absolute necessity if you’re a dog owner, because starvation isn’t an option.


There are tons of dog food in the market today, each more unique than the last, to really explore your options you must have knowledge about each. A good way to figure out which one works best for your dog is knowing the forms in which dog food comes in. Now there are two forms of dog food, dry and wet. This piece highlights the dry dog food.


What are its perks?


As the name implies, dry dog food is definitely dry. They contain kibble (ground food pellets) and are also crunchy and are very nutritious for your furry friends. This form of dog food is sold in much larger portions than its counterparts and it costs less from you.


Dry dog food also has a longer expiration date and they do not need refrigeration. Being crunchy, it requires a conscious chew from your dog and this helps in strengthening their teeth and may equally remove plaque from them.


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How is it made?


Most dry foods are shaped in fish or chicken pellets, while others are round or square-like. Regardless of their shapes, have you asked yourself how it is made? We’re guessing you have because we know you love your dog.


Dry dog food or kibble is made through the process of Extrusion. Now all the ingredients which include sources of protein (like beef, chicken, or eggs), grains, vitamins, cereals and antioxidants are all measured and mixed together. After mixing, they are crushed into powder (pulverized) to dough which can later be cooked.



The extrusion comes next. This dough is mixed till it is consistent and then introduced to an expander. In this machine called the expander, the dough is under so much pressure and at very high temperatures too. Once it reaches its peak, it expunges itself through some special cut holes. These holes could be square-like or circular depending on the requirements. And that is how dry dog food is made.


It all depends on your dog


It’s really your dog’s choice. Some dogs prefer wet food while others love dry food. But, before you buy a whole aisle of dry dog food, let your dog have a little taste of it and watch how he reacts. If he finishes the whole bowl, get more, if he tosses it away, you may just go the other way. Dogs are sensitive to what they eat and you have to be watchful as well.


Feeding your dog is a task many love to do, but what if you don’t know the type of food he likes. With this piece, you’ve learned the basics of dry dog food and also its advantages. Now, go offer it to your dog, he may just love it.


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