All About The Havanese Dog Breed

funny havanese

If you’re looking for a sunny disposition and a fun devoted companion, look no further. The Havanese is an ideal buddy to have on your side. With his long silky hair and his open loving eyes this cuddle sized dog is ideal.


Dating back to Cuba’s aristocracy in the 1800’s, he quickly has earned his nickname of “velcro”. He loves to stay close to his owner.


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Easily trainable and very energetic, he excels in sports and canine careers that range from handicap assistant to circus performer.


He is very affectionate and loves on everyone strangers and children included. He gets along well with other dogs and even with cats but he always puts his family first when it comes to sharing his love.


Given the opportunity, this cuddly one will stay right by his owner. He does not like to be alone and if left along for long periods of time he will quickly become anxious.


Don’t leave this guy at home alone and don’t leave him in the yard for any extended period of time. He is a people person and must be kept happy.


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Originally bread for wealthy Cuban families to keep them company he has quickly proven his worth. He works well as a therapy pet and can sniff out mold as well as termites.


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