Afghan hounds are incredibly popular for their distinct and elegant beauty. They have a thick, flowing, almost silky fur coat that is not only for decorative but also for survival purposes due to the harsh climate of the mountainous area from which they originated from.

However, beneath all the silky beauty is a very sturdy build built for long hunts with huge paws which act as shock absorbents. This dog breed is definitely for special people as it is not really the go-to option for new dog owners. However, once the dog and dog owner combination fits perfectly, there are really few dog breeds that can equal this breed as a pet.

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The Afghan Hound is not so commonly used for hunting purposes in the US and some parts of Europe even though they were formerly bred for hunting purposes in Afghanistan (hence its name). they are very intelligent, easy to train and have a high amount of energy.

They thrive in really cold and hot weathers and can easily adapt to the apartment living lifestyle as they do not need to run around a lot. They also make great companions and are great with families. With this dog, you definitely get the best of both worlds; a strong, sturdy dog and the perfect companion.

Visit the Afghan hound club of America

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