All About Shetland 🐶 Sheepdogs


Loyal and willing to please, the Shetland Sheepdog is a wonderful choice for a companion.

Very docile and always alert this pleasant tempered dog is very affectionate.

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Excellent as both a guard and a watchdog, this dog is very sensitive to voice tones and if he doesn’t think you mean what you say, he won’t be listening. Avoid being harsh with this dog as well or he may well ignore you.

A calm but firm owner is required for this pet. They need to be raised with a confident and consistent pack leader. They are smart, intelligent and very easy to train.

Along with their intelligence is the need to keep them busy. Their minds are always thinking up the next thing so you’ll need to keep them occupied.

As an intelligent herder, they are able to command large herds of cattle and even hold the sheep in check. They love to herd and their instinct is very strong in this occupation.

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Their love for chasing things is unsurpassed so make sure to teach them to not chase cars. Avoid allowing them to run free especially near a road where they may be tempted to chase things across the road.

An excellent copy of the rough coated collie, this dog has a blunt wedge appearance with a muzzle that tapers from the ears to the nose. Dark almond shaped eyes will be more common than the blue merle coated blue eyes.

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