Alaskan Malamutes Have A Fun Day Out At The Beach

If you own a dog, you probably know the kind of excitement they show when you tell them they are going to the beach. Alaskan Malamutes are one of the fluffiest dog breeds and today is their day out at the beach. According to their Dad, there was some sunshine after several days so he decided they must go to the beach.

The Alaskan malamutes also needed a good bath so he thought it would be twin-benefit for them – fun and bath! The video has been shot using a drone so the aerial views of the beach are absolutely stunning. Watching the two malamutes run around and leave their paw prints on the sand looks so relaxing.

It’s a perfect beach day for them with the sun shining so they get to warm up themselves too. The water is crystal clear and the dogs love to play with the waves and splash in the water. After spending a fun day at the beach, they get back home and get a good bath outdoors. What a great day! I am sure the dogs loved the beach time but may not have appreciated the bath session that much.

Nevertheless, they are squeaky clean now and look more adorable than ever!

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