Why Did Aggressive Pit Bull Turn Into A Soft Angel


Dog rescue video got 524.293 views in 10 days!! What could be the reason? Camaden was born to parents who foster shelter dogs.

When they decided to foster Pit Bulls, the shelter said they were too aggressive to live with kids. However, this did not stop them from bringing the Pitties home.

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When Camaden was born, they trained the dogs to be gentle with the baby. They were surprised to see the so-called aggressive and high-anxiety dogs take good care of their baby.

They were always by his side to protect him and take care of him. Camaden’s parents say they can completely trust the dogs with their kid’s safety.

As you can see in the video, growing up with dogs is a great experience for Camaden. He has also learned to be gentle with them and respect them.

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It’s heartwarming to see Camaden play with his dogs and take care of them too. He loves to put food in their bowl, bathe them, and take them for walks.

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