Can You Afford This Medical Cost If Your Dog Ever Got Sick?

Sometimes, dogs get sick and need a special kind of medical attention. Misty is one of those dogs.

– Mistry is a three-year-old Great Pyrenees mix who was diagnosed with congenital heart defect.
– She needs surgery, which is minimally invasive, but requires high-technology devices.
– This procedure is similar to the procedure humans have for the same condition that Mistry has.

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Mistry is a rescue dog that lives with owners Mark and Amy. Mark recalled that he didn’t really notice anything wrong with their pet dogs, until recently when three-year-old Mistry collapsed for no apparent reason.

The couple got worried and had Mistry checked immediately. It was during the medical check-up that revealed that the Great Pyrenees mix is suffering from congenital heart defect.

The sad news did not end there. It was also found that the procedure to cure Mistry involved a high-technology procedure, and it was very expensive, but Mistry is one lucky dog to have it.

Thanks to this high-tech procedure, Mistry was able to live a longer life!

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