Dog Abuse – Hit With Hammer And Thrown In A Garbage!

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When I hear Dog Abuse acts of cruelty like this I feel ashamed of being a human being myself.😡😢


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How can a person be so cruel? This amazing dog was found inside a plastic bag and thrown inside a garbage can.


That’s not all. He was also hit on the head by a hammer so he had wounds on his head. Imagine the kind of pain and torture that poor little dog has been through.


The policemen heard the sad cries of the dog coming from the garbage and rescued him.


They called the local shelter to come there and help the dog. When the rescue team arrived, they immediately took the poor animal to the local vet for treatment.


His entire body was covered with fleas and dirt so he needed a good clean up.

At the shelter, the dog is given liquid food and painkillers to ease his discomfort. His matted fur is removed and he is comforted with loving care.


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I hope the dreadful days are finally over. How I wish the poor dog gets a loving forever family to take care of him forever.


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