How Does Adopting A Shelter Dog Feel Like?

We always urge people to adopt rescue dogs so that they get a second chance to live. In this video, I would like to show you what does adopting a shelter dog feel like.

Joseph writes in the video comments:
“Dude, you have the perfect voice for storytelling”

It all started when a stray dog wandered into this home and after spending a few hours with him, the family decided that they wanted a dog. They went to the shelter to find a dog that could fit in the family and finally found one. This rescue dog was not barky and he also did not try to resist or run away. In fact, he allowed the little girl to walk him by the leash. So, they decided this was the dog for them.

While it’s a great feeling to bring a rescue dog home, the first few days can be tough. These dogs come from different backgrounds. Some of them are abused, while others never knew the meaning of love. They don’t know how to play and they have lead stressful lives. Even when they are in a shelter, they live in cramped cells and in a stressful environment. When you bring them home, they don’t know if this is another temporary place or a forever home. It takes a lot of love and patience to help them come out of the shell and be a dog! Once that happens, it marks the beginning of a wonderful new bond!

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