Forever! These Secrets Have Changed The Lives Of Adopted Dogs

Adopted dog

Can you imagine to be alone in a dog shelter and waiting for someone who is friendly and takes you home?

Thanks there are some good souls out there at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society, a 2 week old Puppy was rescued.

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Her name is Hazel. The poor Puppy was dumped and left to die from a passing trucker. Just dumped into a dumpster.

The cutie weighed just 0,7 kg when she was found. And she had a disease that was affecting her spine and legs when she was brought to the OAHS center in Oshkosh.

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But she was not a typical Dog. The cutie was lucky, because she would have been euthanized anywhere else.

But thanks the awesome care she received at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society center allowed the Puppy to recover and grow.

When she was 10 weeks old, she even led the annual Walk for Animals event. This event happend at Sunnyview Expo Center, to raises money for the animal care.

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