😢 Would You ADOPT This Poor 🐶 Doggie ❓

A dog care center in West Cader is calling out for dog lovers out there! There are many puppies that need a new home!!!

– Ever want to help and adopt a new dog?
– It’s easier (and cheaper) to acquire dogs through adoption than from breeders.
– Cute little puppies are needing new loving families to give them a new home.

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On a daily basis, hundreds of dogs are being rescued from harsh environment. These dogs, after being removed from their abusers hands, need to be rehomed. They need new homes and new families to shower them with love and affection.

Currently, an 11-month-old puppy is waiting for a new owner. The dog, named Lurcher Heidi, is currently living in a dog care center called Dogs Trust, in West Calder.

According to people who are caring for Lurcher Heidi, she is one sweet and playful dog who gets easily excited. Lurcher Heidi is very energetic and she can give anyone pure joy indeed.

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