Reasons To Adopt Dogs From Shelter Rather Than Buying Them

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Every day, hundreds of dogs are dumped in dustbins, abandoned by families, or left on their own.

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While there are rescuers and shelters to give them hope, they are only a handful few. There are limited shelters that packed and can only take a few dogs at a time.

Sometimes, the shelters have to take tough decisions and put the dogs to sleep if they are not adopted. In the video below, you can see a shelter in LA.

This is actually a rescue video of a pit bull that finally gets freed from a cage to live a free life. He will be able to see the open skies, feel the cool air and run after squirrels. He will have a loving family who will love him and pamper him.

However, more than anything, the helpless barking of the other dogs that are still waiting to be rescued catches my attention. The dogs are safe in a shelter but it’s a highly stressed environment.

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