Dog Accidentally EUTHANIZED? Who’s To Be Blamed?

Euthanasia in dogs can be a very tricky thing, especially the identification of the right dog.

– It’s quite common for dogs to get their identity mistaken.
– There are situations when mistaken identity could mean a devastating result.
– A dog was killed in Peoria all because of mistaken identity.

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A couple’s dog was captured by the Animal Control Center in Peoria, Illinois. According to reports, the dog bit a maintenance worker who walked inside the property where the dog lived with its owner.

The canine was captured for mere quarantine and observation, to make sure that it had no rabies and that the victim of its biting will not be in danger.

However, instead of simply being quarantined, the poor dog was euthanized by an employee of the Animal Control Center.

The Animal Control Center admits that it was all their mistake and that their employee mistook the quarantined dog as the dog that’s scheduled for euthanasia.

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Read Emily Van de Riet’s full report here –

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