⛔😮⛔SHOCKING!!! Sexually Abused Daughters And DOGS!

PARENT Sexually Abuse Daughters... And Dog???

If you think parents who sexually abuse their children are CRAZY.
Wait till you hear about the couple who sexually abused their daughters… AND THEIR DOG!

– A couple from Indiana is now being charged with sexual abuse.
– According to allegations, they have been sexually abusing their daughters for years!
– Aside from that, reports are also surfacing that they are also sexually abusing their family dog!

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Indiana couple Keylin L. Johnson, 52, and Sheila L. Johnson, 44, are now facing charges for alleged sexual abuse. The complainants? Their very own daughters.

When the complaint was received by the police, the investigation immediately began on Feb 25. One of their daughters finally took the courage to speak up about the abuse. During the interview, the victims further claimed that the abuse has been going on since 2012.

The revelation was indeed a big shocker to the law enforcers… BUT the bigger surprise was when the daughters included in their testimony that EVEN the poor family dog has been a victim of sexual abuse in the said household.

Read the full article here – http://wgntv.com.

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