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Do you love dogs? Then, you’re in the right place.

Dog Messenger is a website that connects dog enthusiasts and owners to varying news, stories, and videos about our loving four-legged furry friends. Dog Messenger indulge readers to commend the awesome ways our lovable furry best friends present their coolness and funny side.

Dori is our adopted dog, we found him in  a shelter after being there for almost 18 month and was scheduled to euthanasia a week after we met him, Dori with us for 5 years now, he enjoy his life and so happy

Unfortunately, cases of dogs being abused, abandoned, and mistreated are rampant worldwide. Our goal is
to spread the message about “animal cruelty awareness. “ Animal cruelty is any form of dog abuse and neglect.
Through “Dog Messenger”, stories regarding animal cruelty will spread through social media sites. It will engage people to do something to help stop animal abuse. “Stop animal abuse, raise awareness.”

A dog is a man’s best friend. Their selfless love and companionship bring happiness to the family. If you
need a cool buddy, trust a dog to be by your side. Dogs are loyal pets. We encourage everyone to love, care,
and respect animals.

Thank you for visiting our website. To best interact with our dog pals, bookmark our website, like our Facebook page. Visit our website again for updates of interesting dog stories and videos. Share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions on our Facebook page. Kindly show some love by sharing our website and posts to your family and friends. We would gladly love to meet more cool people like you.

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