When you hear the term “dog whistle” you might definitely be thinking of the small whistle you use to get your pup’s attention to calm him down when he’s acting a bit crazy. However, there is another interesting meaning to the term and we will be sharing that with you in this post. This Is not a post of Dog Whistle purchasing – but if you do need one click here

What is a Dog Whistle?

Dogs are extremely sensitive and their ears can pick up sound frequencies higher than what our own ears can detect. This means that a dog whistle is basically a very high-pitched whistle that only dogs can hear.

What does the Expression mean?

The term “dog whistle” is used to describe a coded message that appears basic to a group of people but has a different meaning to certain, specific groups. It involves the use of code words that might appear normal to the larger group but mean something entirely different to certain groups. It was excessively used in the past to convey coded messages to people in the midst of others. This phrase is said to have originated in the 1990s with a citation in a newspaper in 1995 as the record of its earliest use.

Know any other fun metaphors involving dogs? Do let us know!

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