It is no news that dogs are constantly plagued by different kinds of diseases. Most of these ailments are easily treated by the conventional treatments. However, many times, these treatments come with side effects that are usually difficult to handle.


This is one of the reasons why a lot of dog owners turn to herbal medicine to treat their furry friends.


Many experts have taken the time to study and create herb-based solutions to different ailments and they have proven to be very effective over the years.


How is it Better than Conventional Medicine?


Most conventional medical treatments work by reducing the symptoms of the ailment as fast as they can without paying attention to possible underlying causes of the ailment.


Herbal treatments on the other hand focus on understanding and treating the underlying cause of the sickness as thoroughly as possible so as to prevent possible re-occurrence.


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Benefits of Herbal Medicine for Dogs

  • Boosts their immunity against common diseases like the flu


  • Harmonizes their body systems


  • Detoxifies their system


  • Calming to their nervous system


  • Adds high nutritional value to their diet



Point to Note: unlike conventional medicine, herbal medicine for dogs work a lot slower, taking about 60 days or more to notice improvements on your dog’s health. It is therefore important that you don’t expect quick results when using this treatment.




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