You’ve heard of cross breeding, sometimes they give rise to the cutest dogs on the planet, just look at the Alaskan husky, perfect blend of cuteness and intensifying scare, while other times it just falls flat. With respect to the beauty in crossbreeding, we have to say that mixing a highly pure breed like a German shepherd together with another purebred, a golden retriever is bound to create some lapses in the genetic department. However, this mix is an absolute genius for people who cannot choose between both breeds, well now they can have both at the price of one.



You’ve got to admit there are certain similarities between both breeds. They are both awesome house pets and are really loyal as well. But we’re not fully certain on the traits of the mix but these Designer breeds are getting increasingly popular this year. Before we go into its traits and characteristics, let’s give you something to visualize.



This is the offspring of a German shepherd and a golden retriever. You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty cute and it’s perfect for owners who want both but can’t seem to choose. However, there are lots of variations which this hybrid could come in, but they all have that mixed look. Let’s talk on its appearance.



Most times this mix may have the build of a German shepherd, but the face of a golden retriever. It all depends on which breed carries the most genetic percentage. They are more fluffy than the average German shepherd and look more muscled than a golden retriever.


Color combos

This mixed breed could come in many color combinations. Their coats could be black, cream, tan, golden, white, or yellow. This is because of the initial coat variations of the parent breeds. Golden retrievers are usually golden, yellow or sometimes with a touch of white, while German shepherds have a darker hue.



With respect to character, it’s still a mixture. They are alert at all times and they are super cuddly as well. It’s like having the best of both worlds. Now, with a heritage of both breeds, this mix will be much more protective than an average retriever. But at the same time, their aggressiveness will be diluted and their affection unparalleled. This breed is exclusively used as house pets and are excellent companions, especially with kids.


Ultimately, with respect to genetics, this mix is one of the trophies. They are still as cute, but with a stronger build which makes them more susceptible to exercise. So, if you’re planning on getting this mix as a house pet, you’ll be opening yourself to a whole new world of affection pouring forth from one dog.  


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