8 Weeks Old Pomeranian Puppy Ready For Show Training?

The cute video below has over 7,349,720 ( 7.3 Mio ) views!!!

Can you imagine joining your 8 months old Pomeranian puppy in a show ring?

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Well, that involves lots of training; especially your Pomeranian puppy is still too young.

However, this kind of dog breed is not just cute and adorable; it is also smart. It can perfectly perform well during the show. What do you think?

Watch the video below of Benjamin, an 8 weeks old Pomeranian puppy that does some tricks for the show ring.

Yes, he may be small and young; but he can win the show. Just look how smart and confident he is.

Surely, his owner believes in him too. The judges will be amazed after watching him performed and others will envy him.

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