One of the fun things you can do with your dog is going out together. Maybe a picnic, going for ice cream or just taking a walk, you’ll need to prepare well for it so as not to be found wanting. There are tons of things humans can do with dogs and we’re going to give you tips on how to make your next day out dog friendly. Here we go.


Research about human foods for dogs

This is a way of finding the balance during your day out. The digestive system of dogs cannot handle some of the foods that humans take, and eating dog food is flat out disgusting for humans. Hence, conduct a little research on foods that both parties can enjoy. An example of such foods include carrots, eggs, salmon and lots others. Once you’ve figured something that works best for you and your dog, you can move on to the second tip.


Pack a dog friendly picnic bag

After figuring out the food types that you and your dog can eat without any form of detrimental effect, you will need to pack this up into a picnic bag. What’s a picnic without healthy food right? However, just so you don’t leave anything behind, you’ll need a list for this stage. Your dog friendly outing packing list should include:

  • Towel
  • Sun cream
  • Dog travel water bottle/bowl
  • Delicious dog friendly treats
  • Long lasting chew toy
  • Poop bags
  • Blanket
  • Picnic blanket
  • Dog lead


Pack their own blanket

You’ll need to pack your dog’s special blanket for this ride. This is in case the sun goes in or it becomes chilly. Also, your dog can lay on this blanket, if you don’t want him on yours.


Prepare for the heat

Picnics and outings are usually done when the weather is clear. Often times, it could get really hot so you must come prepared for this. Add a little hand fan or chilled drinks to your picnic basket and use it when the need arises, just to ensure that you’re not under the weather.


Play time before picnic


Before you lay all cozied up with your favorite four legged pet, you should play a little. You can play fetch with a stick or a Frisbee with your dog, just to get him all excited.


Pick the perfect picnic spot

The key to a great picnic is picking a greater spot. Go for one that’s well shaded so it doesn’t leave you sun tanned when you’re done. You can do this by a lake as well, just to have a great view.


Keep your pet preoccupied

Just so you also get your own peace and quiet, you’ll need to keep your dog busy. Let him play with other dogs, chase the birds or set him on a treasure hunt, but all under close supervision.

Take pictures


Pictures display a memory and for this day out you’ll need to take pictures of you and your dog having a blast. This will make you seem fun.

Following these easy tips will guarantee the best outing you’ve ever had with your dog.


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