8 Easy Pet Care Tips for Dog Owners

Watch Video “How To Take Care Of My Dog” on the next page as well!! Being a dog owner is a real joy. It promises years of pleasure and companionship to owner and dog alike.

But it is also a heavy responsibility and a long-term commitment. Below are eight tips on how to care for that “friend” to which you have made such a commitment.


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1. Keep Up-to-date on Rabies and Other Vaccinations

This is vital to your dog’s well-being. Rabies is still a threat to our pets. Every summer brings reports of findings of rabid bats or other wild animals. Rabies is especially prevalent if you live on acreage or in a wooded area more populated by wild animals.

Owners do have the option of getting a one year or a two year rabies shot — or, if they are concerned about the side effects of a rabies shot another option is to get their dog a titer test, a blood test that indicates whether the animal’s previous vaccine is still active or sufficiently protecting him.

This prevents the owner from having to get a vaccine before it is absolutely necessary. Heartworm too is a very real threat to your dog and can be avoided by a heartworm pill taken monthly.

2. Regular Vet Check-Ups

This can be combined with your dog’s vaccination appointment. A check-up will help the vet identify any problems while they are still in the early stages, whether it be a tumor or fleas.


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3. Healthy Diet

This is not to be taken lightly as we hear so often about dog foods that contain melamine or are somehow contaminated. Many dog foods are not nutritionally balanced and fillers such as ground corn and other grains are added simply for volume. The primary ingredient in your dog’s food should be meat.

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