7 Important Facts To Remember When Travelling With My Dog

The majority of families who own a dog consider them to be a member of the family rather than just a pet.

If this is the case with your family then it is natural that you will want to take the dog along when you go on vacation.

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However, if you are planning on travelling with your four-legged family member there are considerations that must be made to ensure the trip is safe and uneventful. This article will provide you with various facts to remember when travelling with a dog.

1. Dog Health checks

One of the essential tasks to complete before heading off with a dog is to have a veterinary health check. This will ensure that all the animal’s vaccinations are up to date and there are no unwelcome surprises during the time away. It is also recommended that you pack the medical certificates and take them along.

2. Effective identification

Always ensure that your dog is wearing the correct identification at all times. The identification must include the dog’s name and your or a friend/relative’s details who will be able to reach you. There have been cases where the dog has been lost and was unable to track because of a lack of proper identification.

3. Food and water for Dog

It is highly advised that you bring along some of your dog’s regular food and water as a change in diet can affect the dog negatively making the vacation unpleasant.

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4. Safety factors

If you are travelling by car it is advised that you keep your dog crated. This will provide a degree of protection for the dog while the car is moving and makes the travelling more pleasant for both the dog and other passengers. The crate must be well ventilated and large enough for the animal to stand, lie down and turn around at will.

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