6 Important Questions To Ask Your Vet About Your 🐶 Dog

When you are visiting the vet it is important to decide exactly what to ask him just like you would a human doctor.

Since your dog cannot tell you what’s wrong with her, it is up to you to voice her concerns.

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The next time you visit the vet for your dogs’ annual check-up be sure to ask the veterinarian the following 10 questions.

Is my dog at a healthy weight?

Obesity in dogs is as much of a problem as obesity in human beings. The main causes of obesity are: overfeeding, lack of exercise, and poor diet.

Dogs require at least half an hour of exercise daily and many don’t get enough. Ask the vet for your dog’s ideal weight. If she’s underweight, ask how much more food you should be giving her.

If she’s overweight, discuss with the vet about a diet and fitness program and ensure that you stick with it.

Does my dog need a dental cleaning?

Once your dog has turned 3 or 4, you should start having your vet monitor her dental health. As pets generally age, they tend to develop similar dental diseases as humans.

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Vets will recommend that you brush your dog’s teeth daily. However, if this isn’t possible, you should at least clean her teeth regularly so that she doesn’t begin to develop periodontal disease or tartar.

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