5 Wrinkly Dog Breeds

shar pei

We try our best to prevent wrinkles by applying creams and whatnot, but when it comes to dogs, we find the wrinkly and saggy skin ones incredibly adorable. Dogs with wrinkled faces or bodies, or both, are seen as beautiful and tender. In some cases, the more wrinkled a dog is, the more attractive they are.

Apparently, not all dog breeds wrinkle. It is worth noting that these wrinkles aren’t caused by old age, but are due to the fact that some dogs are genetically predisposed to produce lots of hyaluronic acids.

The large production of hyaluronic acid in some dogs causes thick, meaty and heavy skin. They look adorable, but if your dog is wrinkly, extra care is needed to take care of their skin.

Dogs with wrinkled faces, like pugs and bulldogs, need extra care and attention to keep the wrinkles clean and healthy. Yeast and bacteria like to breed inside skin folds, so regular cleaning is essential.

Most wrinkly dogs have short faces or using a more technical term, brachycephalic. Some dog breeds already have wrinkles from the time they were born, while others develop these wrinkles as they age (much like humans).

The first wrinkly dog breed in this list has adorable child-like expressions… Learn more on the next page ❤️🐾📺🔥➡️

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