🐶 Danger!! – 5 Months Old Puppy Died After Eating Plums

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Who would’ve thought that eating Plums could cause the death of a beloved dog.

– A beloved dog’s death was mourned by its owner.
– The canine’s cause of death was the simple act of consuming Plums.
– The bereaved dog owner now warns other dog owners about the potential dangers of Plums to dogs.

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A dog owner from Aberdeen, Campbell Scott, wept for the loss of his little puppy named Fern. According to report, Fern passed away unexpectedly after consuming Plums.

The five-month-old puppy underwent toxic shock, and it was the stones from the Plums that were thought to cause the death of the poor dog.

Scott took a video of himself as he mourned for the loss of his puppy, Fern. The video was uploaded to the social media platforms and it has been shared more than 2,000 times already. The video showed Scott as he cried and warned other dog owners about what happened to his dog, which can be avoided by other dog owners.

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