Poodles are really cute. They keep serving some interesting looks and one may think this breed of dogs is just for show. You know, to win contests and bring glory to its owner. Not quite, the poodle isn’t just a show dog, they’re actually a very interesting breed of dogs.


These dogs are basically France’s national treasure and they serve a great deal of purpose. First off their lustrous long hair makes them interesting, but we’re going to share some really amazing facts about them. Here we go.



They are built to work

Before they became a symbol of wealth and class, poodles were used as great work dogs. They were called duck dogs or caniche by their French owners who used them to retrieve ducks and birds which they shot in lakes, as their mouths are soft enough for that purpose. These dogs are very good at swimming, you could say the poodle is great at puddles.



They look fancy for a reason

You may think a poodle just looks all made up because they’re show dogs. No, they have actual hair and this is long and thick for a reason. Since they were meant to swim both far and long distances, they needed their own survival kit for this.

Their hair is really thick and wooly and it prevents them from feeling excessively cold when they’re inside waters of different temperatures. Also, if this hair isn’t properly groomed, it could grow into dred-like strands, causing harm to the poodle.


Poodles are really smart

Well, they wouldn’t be show dogs if they couldn’t comprehend simple commands now, would they? Poodles are the smartest breeds in terms of canine intelligence. They are ridiculously easy to train because of this intelligence. You can call them the Einstein of dogs.


Their breed is really ancient

With their inbuilt survival kit, poodles have stuck around for thousands of years. You may have seen poodle-like drawings in Egyptian and Roman artifacts. They’ve been around since the earliest B.Cs. Even as they’re synonymous with France, the poodle is a German breed and is accustomed to those extreme weathers.


They don’t have a lot of allergies

Most times you may see a golden retriever looking like a poodle, this is because poodles are famous for cross breeding as they possess less allergies. Their hair doesn’t shed like it does with other dogs and this make them unique and hypoallergenic.

Poodles are excellent breeds. They are incredibly smart, hypoallergenic, and they can swim long distances. In this day and age, most people own them for dog shows or as a symbol of luxury and social status. Irrespective of your aim for getting a poodle, you’re going to love them.


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