Dogs are undeniably cute, there’s no disputing that, but hybrid dogs just sit differently on that table and why wouldn’t they? They have all the genetic characteristics to make their cute game soar through the roof, stealing our hearts and destinies one bark at a time. If you’ve ever met a hybrid dog, you know, one with parents of different breeds, you can definitely relate to this. However, for those who haven’t, get ready to lick your screens because we’re bringing you not one, not two, but five of the cutest and most adorable hybrid dogs in the entire world. Here they are

  1. The Pomsky

Siberian huskies are beautiful creatures, but wouldn’t they be way cuter if they stayed little. Just imagine it, the fur, eyes and charm, but one which remained in his puppy size forever? Now that sounds just selfish, how can one dog have all that goodness? Well, meet the Pomsky. This fine hybrid has a Siberian husky and a Pomeranian as his parents, and the result of that mix is being the ultimate cute machine. This hybrid is perfect for owners who prefer smaller sized dogs, now they can have the best of both worlds.

  • Saint Berdoodle
Saint Berdoodle

Now, the world loves poodles there’s no doubt about it. What’s not to love? They are considered the smartest dog breeds, they don’t shed as much as other breeds and they have hypoallergenic traits. Crossbreeding the highly revered poodle with the Saint Bernard is a mixture we weren’t ready for. The result? A large, goofy, smart, hypoallergenic and fluffy little dog. This hybrid has the fleece of a poodle but the appearance of a Saint Bernard. It is definitely the most floofy thing you have ever seen and guess what, you get to keep it.

  • Bullmatian

Dalmatians are really great dog breeds. On their own they are unique, smart and have those spots that give them their identity. However, crossbreeding a bull dog with a Dalmatian can only lead to one thing, optimum cuteness. This hybrid is built like a bull dog but has the looks of a Dalmatian. They are sweet, cuddly and balance out their parent traits really well.

  • Golden Shepherd
Golden Shepherd

This hybrid is the mixture of a golden retriever and a German Shepherd. Imagine a dog which stays alert, one which you can play with at will and one which actually loves exercising. That’s what you get with the golden shepherd hybrid. This hybrid usually has the irrefutable charm of the golden retriever with the build of a German Shepherd.

  • Goldendoodle

This hybrid is on a different level of adorableness. This is the golden shepherd and a poodle mix. Imagine the sunset fur of the golden retriever, with the textured traits of the poodle. This hybrid has really curly fur which makes it very attractive. It has a fine blend of both parent characters.

There you have it, 5 of the cutest hybrid dogs in the entire world.

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