Top 5 Best 🐶 Dogs for 👧 Kids

It goes without saying that not all dogs are great for kids. Dogs need to have a certain temperament and some level of training so they can play with little children.

When it comes to choosing good family dogs for your kids, there are three things to consider. These are the dog’s temperament, size, and energy level.

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Temperament refers to the personality of a dog. When it comes to choosing a kid friendly dog, choose a calm one that can form a great bond and be a good companion to your kid.

In terms of size, dogs that are smaller are usually more excitable, especially when they’re young. Dogs that are big, on the other hand, are usually more passive and quiet.

Determining whether you want a highly energetic dog or not depends mostly on the kind of lifestyle you can give your pet. If the dog breed needs lots of exercises, make sure you have a big lawn or can take your dog for a walk regularly.

A dog that needs lots of exercise needs lots of exercise; otherwise, they will become problematic in terms of their behavior.

Before you make a decision on choose the best kid-friendly dog, consult your breeder or a worker at a local shelter.

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