5 Basic Commands When Training A Blind 🐶 Dog


Blindness in dogs is either caused by illness or age, however dogs some are born blind.

Teach a blind dog even the most basic obedience training is recommended since it helps in keeping them safe. Teaching your dog a few commands will greatly help in boosting confidence.

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The following are a few tips on training a blind dog.

1. Always use a familiar location when training your dog. Without sight, the dog may become frightened or wary.

Keep your dog feeling as secure and comfortable as possible. Clear the area for objects that the dog could trip over. Maintain a consistent layout for your home.

Walk the dog around the house several times to help in learning where particular things are. In case you add or move furniture, repeat the process untill you sure that it can navigate it’s way around the house, independently and safely.

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2. Use the SLOW command. Use this whenever the dog is about to bump into an object. Begin with putting a leash on your pet and then start walking.

Whenever you want it to slow down, say ‘Slow’ while simultaneously applying gentle pressure to the leash. Praise is important once it slows down.

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