With pets there’s always something new to learn. Some new discovery, character trait or facts we had no idea were even possible would always spring up from time to time. The important thing is staying open and accepting these facts as some of them could help you become a better parent to your dog. This is because you have become aware of certain things and your perspective about dogs has widened. Nevertheless, this piece is highlighting 5 amazing facts that a lot of people have no idea about concerning man’s best friend. These facts are scheduled to be mind blowing and mostly unbelievable. Let’s get to it.

  1. Their urine can corrode metal

This may come as a shocker but the urine that your furry friends pass is highly detrimental to your metallic house components. These could be your lamp post, metal stools or basically anything that isn’t plastic, paper or glass in your home. This happens due to the presence of certain acids in their urine which can highly wear off materials made of metal.

  • They can detect diseases

While others may even go as far as saying that dogs can smell disease, it is indeed true that your furry friends have the tendency of detecting diseases even before they fully manifest. In essence, if your dog is acting out of the ordinary, chances are there’s something sickly bubbling within you. This fact was supported by a Germany research which found dogs to recognize the smell that accompanies organic compounds when the human body isn’t working like it should.

  • They are as smart as your 2 year old

Your dog is definitely not as dumb as you think and according to the American Psychological Association, they share the same intellectual capacity as your 2 year old child.  Breeds like Poodles, German shepherds, Collies, Golden Retrievers and Dobermans are considered to understand about 250 words and gestures. This is what facilitates their ability to comprehend commands and tricks.

  • They have their own fingerprint

Well, in this scenario we aren’t talking about their paw prints. The paw prints of dogs are pretty similar if not identical especially with dogs of the same breeds. However, the print made by the noses of dogs are really unique and dissimilar from the next dog. This is because of the difference in the textures of the creases and ridges on each dog’s nose. It is possible that dogs can be traced by their nose prints.

  • They have dreams too

Your dog has the same ability to dream just like you. When asleep, they have the same brain wave patterns as humans and this is why you may notice some whimpering or twitching in their sleep.

Dogs are really captivating creatures to study and these are only 5 mind blowing dog facts, there’s plenty more from where that came.

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