They Found 16 Dead Dogs,So Secretly Spy On The Neighbors

If you see this man’s fence and notice THREE HOLES in it, you will also ask the same question: WHY???

– After the many news of dogs going missing in the area, a dog owner decides to protect his dogs.
– Instead of letting his dogs stay indoor, this dog owner came up with a unique idea!
– The dogs are given not just one, BUT THREE, peep holes to help them become aware of their surroundings.

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As Lindsay Smith records her journey home, she did not expect that the video would automatically become an online sensation. Garnering more than 140,000 shares, it definitely proves that Lindsay’s dad’s idea of putting three holes in the fence is a GOOD IDEA!

Lindsay’s dad cut THREE HOLES on their fence because of the recent missing dogs along their street. Asked why her dad did it, she said it was so that their two dogs will have more visuals on what’s going on beyond their fence.

This brilliant idea was taken from another viral that went viral a few months back, and Lindsay’s dad had the chance to see the video; thus the plan was conceived.

Watch the cute video here:

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