3 Best Therapy 🐶 Dogs ❓


A therapy dog is a dog that is trained, with official certification, to provide various types of services in nursing homes, retirement homes, mental institutions, hospitals, schools and areas where calamities have occurred.

More commonly, therapeutic dogs visit these people and give them love and affection.

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These patients, which have an otherwise bad day, automatically feel happy when the caring dogs show up.

In order to be a good therapy dog, a dog breed must have the following temperaments. First, they must love to be around people by nature, or through proper socialization training.

Second, these dog breeds must be tender, calm, pleasing and relaxed. There are certain dog breeds that innately love being around humans and are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy.

These dogs should be able to form instant bonds with strangers, because all too often, a therapy dog comes in and interacts with someone new on a regular basis.

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Therapy dogs cater to older and younger people alike. The younger patients like to hug the therapy dogs while the older ones just love petting them.

Therapy dogs are also capable of performing tricks or play games with patients to entertain them.

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