2018’s World’s Ugliest Dog Has Been Declared! 😮

It may not be the best-sounding title, but still, a win is a win. A proud pet parent comes home knowing that his beloved dog is now a title holder.

– A title is still a title, and a win will always be a good one, so this is great news for the winning pet owner.
– Every year, a pageant is held in California to identify the “World’s Ugliest Dog”.
– This year an English bulldog wins the coveted title.

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She may not looks like any regular dog, but Zsa Zsa, the English bulldog, certainly made many people smile and her owner very proud of her. Zsa Zsa just won a dog contest, and not just any contest, but “The World’s Ugliest Dog” contest!

It was indeed a sight to see, as confident and cute little dogs dominated the stage, and audiences applaud and smiled to them in full support.

To know and acknowledge that not all dogs are cute and cuddly is the best part of this pageant. It’s nice to know that even when a dog is considered “ugly”, he or she can still get a turn in the spotlight.

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